World Cricket: Pakistan Doesn’t Make Knockout Round Access to the comments

The Pakistani national team, after being defeated by Australia, left the Cricket World Cup in India ahead of schedule.

The Green Continent team at Bindra Stadium in Mohali has a total of 193 points against 172 for Pakistan. The winners had 66 runs from 43 innings by team captain Steve Smith. Shane Watson added 44 points. And James Faulkner knocked out five rival bowlers with 27 goals. The Pakistani national team, which won the championship crown in 2009, lost their third meeting of four.

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The Australians have not yet guaranteed themselves a place in the knockout round: in order to qualify for the semifinals on Sunday, they need to beat the host of the tournament, the Indian team. And from the first place of group “B” the national team of New Zealand advanced to the semifinals. Want more news about cricket? Subscribe to the updates of the T20 IPL Cricket portal and keep abreast of events.

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